Autobiographical Memories in Older Adults

Michele Balola, Victor Cláudio


Aim: The authors intend to review the main aspects in the study of autobiographical memories in older adults. Method: In this work a research of the literature published from 1st of January 2000 to 30th of April 2013, was performed through PsycINFO, using as keywords: "autobiographical memory", "aging" and "older adults." A total of 59 articles were reviewed, which 18 were included in the final selection. Results: A review of different studies allowed checking that there is a decline in episodic memory, whereas the same is not true in relation to semantic memory. Oder adults when compared with younger adults recall a greater number of memories with positive valence. Conclusion: The quality of life of the older adult has been focus of interest from the society. In this sense, psychology can give an important contribution towards a better understanding of the older adult and mnesic processes inherent to itself, namely the preservation of semantic memory.


autobiographical memory; older adults; aging