The Cognitive Behavioral Assessment (CBA) Project: Presentation and Proposal for International Collaboration

Ezio Sanavio, Giorgio Bertolotti, Ornella Bettinardi, Paolo Michielin, Giulio Vidotto, Anna Maria Zotti


Aims: The main aim of this paper is to describe almost 30 years of work on psychological assessment using CBA, a research team, and to propose collaboration with Latin countries. Methods: The acronym CBA stands for Cognitive Behavioural Assessment and indicates both an overall approach to clinical assessment and a series of tests. Five general principles formed the basis on which the team developed their questionnaires: (1) assessment is not a passive collection of information, but an active process similar to problem-solving; (2) horizontal integration of questionnaires with other assessment methods; (3) vertical integration and hierarchical structure of assessment questionnaires; (4) idiographic perspective; (5) computer support. Results: The paper briefly presents the most important tests: CBA-2.0, a broad-spectrum Battery for patients who need counselling and/or psychotherapy; CBA-H (Hospital) for both in-patients and out-patients suffering from physical illnesses; CBA-SPORT for professional athletes; CBA-Y (young people) for adolescents and young adults; CBD-VE (treatment benefits) to assess the effectiveness of psychological treatment. Conclusion: These questionnaires have produced over 100 research works, published in Italian journals or presented in conferences. In the near future, we expect important, radical changes and hope to create an international research milieu.


assessment; on-line questionnaires; treatment effectiveness; health psychology; counselling; sport