Adaptation to Breast Cancer and Gynecological Cancer in Pre- and Postoperative Period

Cláudia Alves, Henrique Pereira


Aim: To investigate the adaptation to breast cancer and gynecological cancer in pre- and postoperative periods is the main objetive of this study, to better understand the emotional impact, the social resources, and how women deal with their clinical situation for developing an appropriate intervention at both phases. Method: The sample is composed of 76 women diagnosed with breast cancer or gynecological cancer who underwent oncoplastic reconstruction, and who were followed during hospitalization, with relapse or without. The data were collected during the preoperative and / or postoperative periods. Results: Regarding the differences between the pre- and postoperative periods on an emotional level, we found that only a decrease in anxiety from the pre- to postoperative period was statistically significant. Conclusion: Anxiety levels in these women tend to decrease from the pre- to the postoperative period. We also noted that, the general adaptation increases slightly while satisfaction with social support decreases.


breast cancer; gynecological cancer; oncoplastic reconstruction; pre- and postoperative period; adaptation; social support