Evaluation of Burnout in Teachers: Contribution to the Adaptation Study of the CBP-R

Ivone Patrão, Joana Rita, João Maroco


Aim: Teachers are considered one of the most vulnerable professional groups to suffer from occupational stress and burnout. It is recognized that the phenomena affects individual and educational contexts, so their evaluation becomes a relevant issue. This study aims at contributing to the adaptation of the European Portuguese version of the CBP-R, by studying a sample of Portuguese teachers from primary and secondary schools. The interest herein relates to the fact that it specifically evaluates the dimensions of burnout in teachers. Method: Once the authors’ permission to use the instrument was given, we adopted all the procedures necessary to ensure the translation of the CBP-R to European Portuguese. The instrument was then applied to a sample of 513 teachers aged between 22 and 66 years old (M = 41.88, SD = 9.461). We used the version 19.0 of the software SPSS and AMOS, to enter data and perform sample characterization and to study the reliability and confirmatory factor analysis of the CBP-R, respectively. Results: The dimensions of burnout included in CBP-R showed high factorial validity and high internal consistency, according to the tripartite Maslach Model of Burnout (1993). Conclusion: This work suggests that the European Portuguese version of the CBP-R is a useful and appropriate tool to evaluate burnout in teachers, particularly the dimensions of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment.


burnout; stress; teachers; CBP-R