A Farewell Full of Gratitude

Filipa Pimenta*a

Psychology, Community & Health, 2016, Vol. 5(3), doi:10.5964/pch.v5i3.228

Published (VoR): 2016-12-15.

*Corresponding author at: William James Center for Research, ISPA – Instituto Universitário de Ciências Psicológicas, Socias e da Vida. Rua Jardim do Tabaco, 34, 1149-041 Lisboa, Portugal. Phone: +351. 218811700; Fax: +351218860954. E-mail: filipa_pimenta@ispa.pt

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The scientific journey as Editor-in-Chief of Psychology, Community & Health (PCH) for this past five years has been a challenging and fulfilling one. I am resigning the Editor-in-Chief position to pursue other projects, and PCH will continue his course with a new team of Editor-in-Chiefs.

PCH had its first number in March 2012 and, since then, it has grown in its various fields of scope, publishing papers by authors of diverse nationalities and research expertise. I have enjoyed seeing all the empirical and theoretical studies on multiple subjects of health, community and clinical psychology, making their contribution through PCH; furthermore, the editorial perspective as been a fruitful and exciting role, not only for the opportunity of reflecting about studies in the proximity between (clinical) health psychology and community (health) psychology, but also for the chance of making part of the development of this journal and of this much appreciated team.

In a time when the number of online journals is immense, I believe that PCH continues having a great potential due to, among many others, its scope, its open access policy and particular human resources (such as the Editorial, Publishing and Reviewers teams). We have published many innovative and pertinent articles that have contributed to this journal’s expertise area, and the recent special issue on “Promoting Healthy Eating and Weight Management: Research in Portugal promises to be a relevant standpoint in this area of research.

My heartfelt thankfulness goes to our Authors and Reviewers, who allow PCH to publish every year a new volume with their valued contribution; the Editorial Team of Associate Editors and Editorial Assistants (including all who have integrated these two groups since 2012); PsychOpen, our Publishing team and platform, our Editorial Board, and our Readers.

The new Editor-in-chiefs Team (Marta Marques, PhD; Pedro Costa, PhD; and Rui Gaspar, PhD) is an outstanding one and it will be gratifying to see PCH continuing to successfully grow and develop, as I step down. I look forward seeing this journal persisting in the publishing arena and further amplify its contribution, and to take on new, interesting directions in its future.

To all I have worked with in this path, my sincere gratitude!

Filipa Pimenta

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