The Psychometric Properties of the Scale of Body Connection (SBC) in a Portuguese Sample

Cide Filipe Neves, Cynthia J. Price, Ana Carvalheira


Aim: The Scale of Body Connection (SBC) is a measure aimed at examining body awareness (BA), specifically awareness of inner body sensations, and bodily dissociation (BD), or the sense of separation from the body. The aim of this study was to develop a Portuguese version of the SBC. Method: An online survey was completed by 445 women, with an average age of 30.47 (SD = 9.87), and 464 men, with an average age of 37.54 (SD = 12.34). Ages ranged from 18 to 72 years old. Results: Results showed Cronbach’s alpha coefficients of .86 for BA and .73 for BD. Confirmatory factor analysis revealed reasonable goodness-of-fit indices (χ2/df = 9.0; GFI = .84; NFI = .72; CFI = .74; PGFI = .68; PCFI = .66; RMSEA = .09). Conclusion: Positive correlations between the SBC factor scores and the scores of the General Body Dissatisfaction Scale and the Cognitive Distraction Scale confirmed convergent validity. These findings support the reliability and validity of the SBC in a Portuguese sample.


interoceptive awareness; scale validation; sexual activity