Factorial Validity of the Derriford Appearance Scale (DAS-24) Portuguese Version

José Carlos da Silva Mendes, Maria João Figueiras, Helena Moreira, Tim Moss


Aim: There has been a considerable interest in research on concerns about appearance The aim of this study is to assess the factorial validity and reliability of the Derriford Appearance Scale (DAS-24) in the Portuguese population. Method: Five hundred and eight subjects participated in this research, using a convenience sample. Participants were asked to fill a set of questionnaires containing socio demographic questions, and questions related to investment schematic appearance and self-consciousness of appearance. Results: The DAS-24 presented good internal consistency (α = .91). The Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the DAS-24, presents an acceptable (χ2/df = 2.5; GFI = .912, CFI = .925, TLI = .909, RMSEA = .054, p [rmsea ≤ .05] = .130). Conclusion: The Portuguese version of the DAS-24, is psychometrically robust in evaluate self-consciousness of appearance.


self-consciousness of appearance; rating scale; DAS-24