Stress Reduction in Chronic Patients’ Professional Carers Through Hydrotherapy

Carlos Eduardo Vieira, Geraldo A. Fiamenghi-Jr, Silvana Maria Blascovi-Assis, Daniel Bartholomeu, José Maria Montiel


Aim: Carers working in institutional settings with people with severe disabilities develop fundamental but consuming activities and are constantly observed by all member of the institution (directors, employees, and even trainees), presenting high levels of stress. The aim of this research was to develop an activity to reduce stress levels in carers of chronic institutionalized patients. Method: Participants were 11 professional carers of a residential institution for patients with severe cerebral palsy who answered to Lipp’s Adults Inventory of Stress Symptoms – ISSL, before and after weekly hydrotherapy sessions. Results: Results showed that all participants had high levels of stress before hydrotherapy sessions and those symptoms were reduced after hydrotherapy. Discussion points to the needs of these professionals, who only finished primary school, who have no technical skills and are extremely demanded by the institution. Conclusion: The better their working conditions, the better their relationship with the patients, who represent the real motives for the existence of institutions.


carers; assessment; hydrotherapy